About Joy - Joy By Design – Decorator & Professional Organiser

Interior Decorator – Knysna, Western Cape

My philosophy is quite simple really, I am passionate about creating signature spaces that evoke joy.

As human beings we spend the better part of our lives inside buildings, rushing from one enclosed space to the next, and if all it takes is one small change to transform the way we feel inside these spaces, do it!

I think of myself as a co-creator of work and living spaces which exude a balance of aesthetics and functionality, and at the very heart of it, spaces which elicit joy.

The key to getting it right is a fair dose of creative passion, an appreciation of a client’s vision as well as their personal style and influences and then interpreting this vision with a trained eye and artistic approach.

I believe in planning and designing spaces with tailored solutions to create a desired look and ambiance.

While I am agile enough to move from rustic farmhouse to minimalist contemporary, the fundamental aesthetic consistency in my work is creating spaces which ultimately reflect a client’s lifestyle.

My move into the interior decorating arena was a natural progression from the design, brand and marketing industry where my creative flair was groomed, polished and practiced for little over ten years.

Having lived and worked in different cities and settings around South Africa, I fostered an appreciation for well-planned, functional and visually appealing interiors. For as long as I can remember, I have not only had an affinity but also a natural flair for decor and organisation.

While in the marketing and advertising industry, I developed and harnessed these skills in the corporate re-branding projects I managed, including three year projects ranging in value from R15 – R25 million rand. Passion and creativity – these are the two virtues I bring to every project. Passion fuels my creative ability to interpret my clients vision and is my personal ‘leave-behind’ in the spaces I co-create with clients.

I bring creativity to every project I work on through my passion for all things beautiful and functional. Creativity is always at the cornerstone of my designs.